Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... so many choices!

Ok. So there are four choices. It can still make it hard to choose, but every season is unique and offers something special when it comes to photographing your engagement or save-the-date photo session.

I include an engagement session as part of all of my wedding photography packages. It might seem like a nice "extra" but it really gives me a chance to work closely with a couple and get to know them (and for them to know me). And of course, couples get some lovely photos out of it as well.

How Do I choose a season?

This can be influenced by a number of different factors. You might want to use the photo to announce your engagement before word starts spreading. Having a great photo to share on social media is a big plus. You might also have time constraints. For example, if the wedding will be reasonably soon, you might want a save-the-date style photo shoot to send out. Perhaps you just prefer a particular season and like the look of the beach or the fall foliage. Anything is possible, and I can work with you to help you choose and make your photos wonderful.

So let's talk about those seasons...


I'll be completely honest. These sessions can be some of my favorites. There are so many beautiful colors and locations. The light is nice. There are lots of great looks to accessorize with. It is by far my favorite season for photography.

It can also be a very popular season for weddings (especially in October), and so be sure to book a date early if this is something you are looking for.

Another thing to pay attention to is the weather. We all know how New England can be (four seasons in one day? No problem...) and so we do have to watch out for any adverse weather. While I'm not opposed to photographing in the rain, it can get cold and slippery and add all kinds of complications.


Does anyone not like summer? Especially here in Rhode Island? Beaches. Del's Lemonade (or Mr. Lemon if that's more your thing). It's a great time to be from the area. We have so many excellent places to photograph your engagement session. The weather is usually beautiful. We can get a bit more adventurous in our location choices.

Summer is another very popular season for weddings, so be sure to inquire early about booking a session as many weekend dates can be booked up solid.


Spring can be a great time to be outdoors. Or... not. Welcome to New England. If you don't like the weather... wait a minute. Early spring is a mixed bag, but as we get later in the season it can be absolutely fantastic and a great time for lots of bold colors or subtle pastel tones. And there is just something about spring that feels like new beginnings. Lots of plants and flowers starting to bloom (including the lilacs in early May... my favorite, thanks to my grandmother).

There's nothing wrong with early spring. In fact, I actually got married in mid-March. We had a gorgeous, beautiful day.


Getting cozy by the fireplace with a hot chocolate? Sounds good to me. Many couples would not ordinarily consider winter as a great time for photos. And to be honest, they are probably right. It's cold. It's damp. It's... winter. It can be a great time for indoor photos, but outdoor photos can work too... if you don't mind braving the cold and the weather. Fresh snow can make for some great photographs. If you know that's what you want and there is a storm coming, get in touch and let's make it happen!