Fall Photos... In September?

Everyone loves the look of photos in the Fall. All those lovely yellows, oranges, and reds in the foliage. The only problem with Fall photos is that... it needs to be Fall! Depending on where you live, you can get some of those Fall colors in September, but here in Rhode Island that can be a bit on the early side.

When I was asked to do this family portrait session, I knew it would look great, but could I make it look a bit more like real Autumn? It would require some photo editing, but the answer is "Yes!" In-person, this park in East Providence, Rhode Island was all green with a few yellow leaves. It was close to sunset, so we had some nice, low yellow light coming in.

For the Fall photo look, we used the foot path in the park. As you can see, while we don't have the wild oranges that are typical in these Fall photo sessions, I do have some lovely yellow and brown tones that work well for the scenery and their outfit choices.

Water, Swings, and More!

The nice thing about this particular East Providence park is that it has a lake, a tree swing, and other nice features that make it a great spot for photography. For these photos, we went for less of a traditional Fall photo look, and captured more of what was naturally there.

Family Portrait by the Water in East Providence

Family Photo

This was actually the last family photo of the day. Sitting down in front of the lake with big smiles all around!

Child Portrait on Swing with Tree Near Water

Child Portrait

Everyone loves a swing. It's hard not to be smiling when you are on a swing in a park. It's a wonderful prop that always makes for a great child photo.

Older Children Photos on Swing In Providence

Older Children Too!

Teenagers. It can be notoriously challenging to get them smiling in family photos. Once again, the swing to the rescue! Nobody is too old for childhood fun!

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