Glass Blowing in Rhode Island

I think everyone around here knows that Providence has long been the creative capital of Rhode Island (and if they don't know, tell them!). Obviously, there is lots of music, theater, and art (I'm sure many of you know about the many opportunities for combining painting and wine), but did you know that Providence has its very own glass blowing business? If you have watched the Netflix series Blown Away, you may have seen people creating some awesome artwork by blowing glass. Want to give it a try? Read on...

Today, I'm going to tell you about Gather Glass. It's a cool little shop (currently expanding) located at 521 Atwells Ave in Providence (be sure to stop by in Federal Hill for some great Italian food when you are done). Gather Glass offers glass blowing classes where you can make your own custom ornament, a drinking glass, a vase, and more! I've been here a few times now, and all I can think about is how awesome this would be for those of you planning weddings and looking for something unique to set your wedding day apart from the rest.

The Tools of the Trade

As you will be working hands-on to create your glass artwork, you will be taught how to use several tools. Some of it might look scary, but the guys at Gather Glass are experts and they will walk you through it step by step. Just so you know, it can get a little toasty in there. I was told that over gets over 2000 degrees!

Meet Ian!

This is Ian, one of the master glass blowers at Gather Glass, and he's awesome. He was there both times that I visited Gather Glass, and he is an amazing instructor. He is really great with kids, too. It might seem scary having kids around all this hot equipment, but he does a great job keep them safe and entertained.

Ian at Gather Glass in Providence Rhode Island

Glass Blowing Photo Gallery - Gather Glass in Providence

Check out these photos to see what it is like. You can see Ian and Vinny helping to make some cool (well... hot) glassware. It was a lot of fun to photograph the process (but probably more fun to actually make the pieces).

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Ready Made Gifts, or Make your Own!

Gather Glass has a number of ready-made items available to purchase, but I'd highly recommend going there and seeing what you can make for yourself. While I don't think anyone will be making one of these cardinals on the first or second try (or maybe not ever, they look tricky to make!) I'm sure that Ian, Vinny, and the other folks there can help you create something that you can say you were proud to make.

I think this would make a nice time out for the girls on a bachelorette party. I think it would also be really cool to create something special for your wedding day. As a couple, you could make your own special creation to celebrate your love. If you have the time, maybe come back a few times and create some one-of-a-kind pieces for the tables at your wedding reception.

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Seriously. This place is awesome. Even if your goal isn't an awesome piece of glass to celebrate your wedding, it's a lot of fun and a really cool experience to share with your friends. Did you know about this hidden gem on Atwells Ave? Now you do. Providence has everything these days!