Wedding at Roger Williams Botanical Gardens

Providence, Rhode Island

There are lots of great things to see in Providence, and Roger Williams Park and Zoo is certainly a highlight. Did you know that there was a Botanical Center in Roger Williams? It's actually the largest glass-housed display garden in all of New England, with four year-round greenhouses! It's an absolutely lovely place to visit on any normal day, but if you are looking for a Providence wedding venue, you've found an amazing hidden gem.

What's Inside the Botanical Gardens?

There are a wide variety of plants placed in beautifully landscaped arrangements. They have everything from 40-foot tall palm trees, cacti, and a variety of succulents. From June through September, they have an amazing rose maze. At every turn, there are stunning colors. In addition, they have an assortment of statues, stone structures, ponds and fountains. It's everything you could want for the perfect wedding day!

Roger Williams Botanical Flowers Decoration.
Roger Williams Botanical Flowers Near Bench.
Roger Williams Botanical Wedding Tree Lights and Pond..
Roger Williams Botanical Garden Decorative Plants.
Roger Williams Botanical Flowers Decoration.
Roger Williams Botanical Garden Tree with Lights
Roger Williams Wedding Floral Display.
Roger Williams Wedding Fountain Statue.
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Spacious and Gorgeous Wedding Venue in Providence

Everywhere you turn, you are surrounded and enveloped by beautiful green tones. There is plenty of room for your family and friends to sit during your wedding ceremony, and there is also lots of space for tables, guestbooks, photo tables, and whatever else you can think of! Just behind the ceremony space is a small path that leads to an equally gorgeous reception area.

Roger Williams Wedding Sign Photograph.
Roger Williams Wedding Officiant in Providence.
Groom escorting guest in Providence.
Before the wedding ceremony at Roger Williams Botanical.
Groom and groomsmen at Roger Williams Botanical in Providence, RI.
Adjusting tie at wedding ceremony.
Groom before wedding ceremony photo.
Groom photo in black and white in Providence, RI.
Groomsmen walking at Roger Williams Botanical Garden in Black and white.
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Roger Williams Botanical Wedding Ceremony

In this photo, you can see one of the most stunning wedding ceremony backdrops available, not just in Providence, but of anywhere in Rhode Island or Massachusetts. Just look at this. Beautiful landscaping, ample seating, and an absolutely amazing amount of natural light from the botanical garden's greenhouse roof.

Roger Williams Botanical Wedding Ceremony Photograph.

Family and friends watch as the bride and groom get married at Roger Williams Botanical Gardens in Providence, Rhode Island.

A Beautiful Venue for a Beautiful Bride

Roger Williams Park is beautiful as it is. Once you enter the botanical gardens, you will be transported to an entirely different level of amazement. The colors are perfect for a wedding and are truly a sight to be seen. What could make it even more memorable? Getting a tattoo that matches your wedding venue!

Walking Down the Aisle at Roger Williams Botanical Gardens

Unlike some wedding venues, there are no distracting elements here. No cars in the parking lot. No utility sheds in the background. Just a plant-lovers dream. From every angle, you will have a beatiful background in your wedding photos.

Wedding Ring Box for Ring Bearer with Date Photo.
Parents walking down the aisle at wedding.
Parents walking down the aisle at wedding.
Bridesmaid entrance at Roger Williams photo.
Bridesmaid entrance at Roger Williams photo.
Bridesmaid entrance at Roger Williams photo.
Bridesmaid entrance at Roger Williams close up photo.
Roger Williams Botanical Wedding Ring Bearer photograph.
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The Perfect Rhode Island Wedding Venue

I've said a lot about the Roger Williams Botanical Gardens wedding facility. I didn't really have to, though. Just looking at these wedding photographs should be enough to convince you that this venue is worth a look. I have photographed a lot of weddings, and this wedding and wedding venue is by far one of my favorites. The amazing thing is that these photos are just from the ceremony. I'll do another wedding blog post with photos of the reception.

Engagement Photos

Roger Williams Botanical Gardens is also a fantastic place to have your engagement photos taken. At the moment, they charge a $150 fee to use the facility for engagement photos (or other types of portrait sessions).