The average cost of a Rhode Island Wedding in 2022

Weddings are expensive, and the cost continues to increase. This is especially true here in New England. Believe it or not, weddings in New England are among the most expensive in the United States!

From a study conducted by The Knot in 2019, the average cost of a wedding in the US in 2019 was $33,900. This price is perhaps a little bit deceiving as it not only includes the cost of the ceremony and reception, but also included the cost of the engagement ring. Regardless, that is a lot of money.

So what about here in New England? In the list of top 10 most expensive states for weddings, New England has 4 out of 10 spots. Which New England state had the highest average cost? Rhode Island.

The average cost of a wedding in Rhode Island is a whopping $49,800.

Of course, results may vary depending on who is doing the survey, the questions being asked, and who is responding. A similar study conducted by Martha Stewart two years earlier showed that the average cost of a wedding in Rhode Island was just a bit over $32,000. While this estimate is surely cheaper than the nearly $50k quoted above, it is certainly an eye-catching number.

Will the Average Cost of a Wedding in Rhode Island Go Down Anytime Soon?

I would like to say "yes"... but unfortunately it is very unlikely that prices will come down anytime soon. According to a WeddingWire study, weddings in Rhode Island are around 44% more expensive than the rest of the nation. There is a high-demand for wedding services in Rhode Island, thanks to our beautiful beaches, unique architecture, fantastic food, and cultural landmarks. It's a popular place! And with high-demand comes high prices.

In today's unusual economic environment, issues such as inflation and supply chain troubles only add to the rising cost of a wedding in New England.

Can the cost of a wedding be lowered?

Of course it can. There are a lot of things that couples spend a substantial amount of money on for a wedding. Some of these are among the "big 5" expenses. Venues, Food, Entertainment, Photography/Videography, and Floral Arrangements. There are ways to reduce your costs of all of these, but you often get what you pay for.

It is often many of the little things that can quickly result in costs spiraling higher than original expected. Websites like Pinterest and Instagram have contributed quite strongly to this effect. Couples see an idea for a decoration or a sign and think "I should have that too!" A hundred dollars here and a hundred dollars there quickly begin to add up.

When considering where and how to spend your wedding dollars, ask your self questions like "Will this make my wedding day better for everyone? Will people really notice this? Will anyone remember this in 5 years time? What is most important to me, and will it bring me memories I can cherish for years to come?