The Salem Cross Inn, West Brookfield

A historic 1705 Farmhouse

One of the most interesting and quirky places that I've ever photographed a wedding at is the Salem Cross Inn, located in West Brookfield, Massachusetts. It is a large property with an Inn that has ben family-run since 1961. Original constructed in 1705, it was restored by Henry and Dick Salem.

The facility features lots of dark woods and warm tones, unique and interesting décor, and really makes you feel like you are visiting a different time.

Outside the Salem Cross Inn

Stepping outside the farmhouse, you have an expansive property with lots of places for photographs and a gazebo that is well-suited for a wedding ceremony. Really quite lovely there.

An excellent place for wedding portraits

The barn doors in front of the farm house at the Salem Cross Inn is a very popular spot for couples to take amazing wedding photos. While this is true during the daytime, you can also get some amazing wedding photos at night here. Here is a photograph showing the farm house along with the bride and groom, featuring an amazing night sky.

Awesome Vibes for a Wedding Reception

Some venues feel like a traditional wedding reception location. The Salem Cross Inn has this cool, old-fashioned but trendy vibe that is very popular these days. Great place for a wedding reception.

Accident at the Salem Cross Inn

An SUV Drove Through the Barn

On Friday, September 16, 2022, an SUV drove through the front doors of the Salem Cross Inn barn, causing a substantial amount of damage. Fortunately, nobody in the venue was injured. This is an unfortunate accident that caused extensive damage to the facility. According to the Salem Cross Inn Facebook page, they are working to restore the barn and service their existing clients who have already booked functions.

Salem Cross Inn's Facebook page has posted some photos of the damage to the venue caused by the accident. I know it looks pretty bad, but they seem confident that they can get everything back up and running. I hope they do, because it is one of my favorite venues to photograph a wedding in.