What is the cheapest day to get married on

Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and nearby states follow the same general trends that you see throughout the United States when it comes to wedding day pricing. Weddings tend to be most expensive on the weekends, and there are often steep discounts to be had during the week. In general, you will find that Saturday and Sunday are always offered at premium prices. The reason for this is obvious, as they are the days that are most in-demand.

Friday wedding dates are often available at a discount, but not nearly as much as a Tuesday. Something to consider is that the day of the week can have a large impact on the convenience for you and your guests. While you might take the day (or week) of your wedding off, your guests might not be as fortunate. Keep them in mind along with any travel times to make sure that your lower-cost day is still feasible for everyone you would like to have involved in your wedding.

What about the cheapest month to get married?

Months for weddings also follow a supply-demand trend. The least popular months for weddings in Rhode Island and southern New England tend to be January, February, and March. The reason for this is clear: it's often cold and bleak. With that said, my own wedding was mid-March, and we had a gorgeous day!

Some studies have shown that only about 5% of weddings actually take place during the Winter. When looking at venues, you may find that prices for these months are much lower (and it certainly can't hurt to ask them!)

What is the most expensive month to get married?

Unfortunately, it isn't just one month. There is an entire half of the year when weddings are in peak season. From May through October, venues are in high-demand and so prices will be sky-high. They do have the advantage in terms of weather and beautiful scenery.

What about holidays?

Holidays tend to be the most expensive days to get married. The idea of a wedding on Christmas, New Years, or even the Fourth of July might sound very romantic (and it is, of course), but the price on the bill might make you think twice about it.

Are wedding photographers, florists, and other vendors cheaper off-season?

That's a lot of people, and I certainly cannot speak for all of them. This kind of cost discounting is quite common with venues, but for individual vendors it will vary greatly. As with so many other things, it can't hurt to ask your vendor to see if there is anything that they can do for you...